A number of major industrial cooperation projects landing Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated by the blueprint to reality

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138479.xyz December 6 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Bao Congying) "this is particularly timely, if not in Caofeidian, want to go to Beijing to rescue it, the basic not saved......" The 56 year old Yang two weeks ago drove the car at high speed suddenly made MI, immediately rushed to the Caofeidian area hospital, "second days to do the surgery, can be said to have given me a second life." Mr. Yang introduced, he is Caofeidian local people, before the cardiovascular interventional operation must go to Tangshan, Tianjin, Beijing can, registration, find experts are not easy, the cost is also high, "now we can also do the Caofeidian area to the interventional operation, experts can also watch the Beijing, do not say anything else, do the operation at home, accompanying what is more convenient, but also to the home, a hotel money."

In Caofeidian district hospital, good medical service people "not out of the house will be able to enjoy the Beijing experts.

Caofeidian area health bureau director Zheng Yongliang told reporters, Beijing and Caofeidian medical collaboration to achieve the "four province" in the old people's medical expenses: save examination cost, large equipment inspection cost is reduced by 10%; save the cost of materials, intervention materials 13.6% lower than other counties; each province is to save the cardiovascular operation 1000 yuan; save the registration fee, accommodation and transportation expenses of beds. The real implementation of the quality of medical service people no home can enjoy the Beijing experts.

The reporter understands, Beijing - Caofeidian Beijing and Hebei medical cooperation is the key of medical cooperation project of Beijing, July 26, 2016, An Zhen Hospital and Caofeidian district hospital signed a technical cooperation agreement, Caofeidian District Hospital Cardiovascular Intervention Center officially open. By setting the "Beijing expert outpatient service" and "operation on Friday", launched the "three priority" green referral and emergency channel, as of now, a total of 244 Cases of consultation of cardiovascular diseases and 640 cases of coronary artery surgery, including 196 cases of stent implantation, the average operation is mediated in the Beijing Tianjin region overall cost savings nearly 20 thousand yuan.

In Caofeidian, in addition to Beijing An Zhen Hospital, friendship hospital, maternity hospital, Beijing hospital and Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Hospital of Caofeidian cooperation and other cooperation projects are starting to fall, has established expert outpatient service 375 times, to carry out difficult demonstration operation in 958 cases, organization specialty physician Beijing backbone training 68 people, to carry out large-scale clinic, Zuozhen, consulting, more than 9520 rounds passengers, the preliminary show synergistic social effects brought by the development of Beijing and Hebei health.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission integrated office responsible person, at present, Beijing and Hebei have started to implement a number of key medical and health cooperation projects, to establish cooperation relationship between the 20 in 17 hospitals of Beijing city and Hebei hospital.

The implementation of the Beijing - Caofeidian medical cooperative projects, the nearest medical service to local people and Shougang in Beijing enterprises relocation, work together to build joint development of Caofeidian demonstration zone;

Promote Beijing - Hebei Yanda medical cooperative projects, enhance the ability of Beijing and Hebei border area health service;

The implementation of the Beijing - Zhangjiakou medical cooperation projects, to meet the joint bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics need health insurance;

The implementation of the Beijing - Chengde medical cooperation projects, and gradually form a regional medical center of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Northwest Ecological Conservation area;

The implementation of the Beijing - Baoding medical cooperation projects, the formation of regional center has certain medical radiation ability between Beijing and Shijiazhuang.


At the same time, both medical and health policies to accelerate the realization of collaborative research, the formation of the three test, image recognition project and quality control standards, scope, step by step to promote the mutual recognition, mutual recognition of test results and images were respectively 33 and 20, the mutual recognition mechanism continues to expand, reaching 296 and 155 respectively. Beijing Tianjin Hebei three grade two and above hospitals (excluding military hospitals) has six kinds of synchronous execution of medical consumables joint procurement results, further reduce procurement costs.

Beijing and Caofeidian medical collaboration, is a microcosm of Beijing and Hebei cooperation, with the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development strategy to push, Beijing and Hebei two provinces continue to enhance collaborative interaction, effective and orderly manner to promote a number of important issues, key projects, major policy implementation. A total investment of 7 billion 450 million yuan of Beijing Hyundai fourth plant project put into operation in Cangzhou, promote employment more than 2000; urban construction industry (Tangshan Caofeidian) New Energy Automotive Technology Co., the company will form an annual output of 50 thousand units of new energy vehicles production scale; the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission integrated office responsible person, Beijing and Hebei to build industrial cooperation platform as the starting point, and actively carry out docking activities in various forms, a number of major industrial projects have been landed, the coordinated development of the industry into the fast lane.

Major industrial cooperation projects have been landed fruitful

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission integrated the relevant responsible person said, Beijing and Hebei mountain, water source, root vein, deep history, exploring the development path of long-standing cooperation. With the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy to push, Beijing and Hebei strengthen coordination, effective and orderly manner to promote a number of important issues, key projects, major policy implementation, and achieved remarkable results:

The "4+N" pattern of industrial cooperation to consolidate. Beijing and Hebei joint development of Caofeidian demonstration zone of Beijing signed a total of more than 130 projects, a green industrial ecological function areas accelerate the fall of Zhangbei cloud computing industrial base signed a total of 21 projects. The completion of the Beijing Daxing Space International Airport Airport Economic Zone and industrial planning and management mechanism to accelerate the formation of. Tianjin Binhai Zhongguancun science and Technology Park since the listing of the new registered enterprises reached 770.

Results: the major industry fruitful cooperation projects. Over the past two years as the largest volume in industry of Hebei cooperative project, a total investment of 7 billion 450 million yuan of Beijing Hyundai fourth plant project put into operation in Cangzhou, to achieve a "one factory led an industry base", promote the employment of more than 2000 people. Beijing? Cangzhou District of Bohai Biomedical Park attracted more than 100 bio pharmaceutical projects located in Beijing pharmaceutical, which contracted more than 80 enterprises, become "industrial agglomeration and industrial park construction professional, off-site supervision coordination" paradigm. The first agricultural group invested 1 billion 800 million yuan to three yuan in Xinle Hebei Industrial Park officially put into operation. A total investment of 2 billion 130 million yuan of Beiqi group (North China) car industry base project total vehicle production exceeded 60 thousand units.

- industrial transfer policy system to speed up the establishment of. Around the "move out, get down, study and formulate supporting policies, the formation of effective incentive mechanism. Tianjin and Beijing Tianjin Hebei jointly issued to strengthen the transfer of industry to undertake key platform construction ideas, strengthen government guidance and support, give full play to the role of market mechanism, focusing on the construction of a number of key platform to undertake capital function, guide the non accurate transfer, industry cluster development, build industrial parks. The ease of non capital function industry tax policy support, the implementation of the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Industrial Transfer docking enterprise tax revenue sharing methods, clear identification, tax identification, tax sharing mechanism of enterprise transfer transfer.

Beijing and Caofeidian a number of strategic projects signed landing

Beijing and Hebei joint development of Caofeidian demonstration zone is one of the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development plan" in the clear four strategic cooperation zones. 2015 Beijing and Hebei jointly funded the establishment of Beijing and Hebei Cao Jian investment company, the capital has reached 20 billion yuan, the overall participation in the construction of demonstration area. By Shougang Caofeidian development fund fund initiated the establishment of the total size of 10 billion yuan, a 1 billion yuan has been invested in 3 projects.

To identify the demonstration area coordinates, strategic planning and construction of an area in the service of the male in dislocation development, give full play to Beijing cadres resources, to undertake the Beijing Tianjin industry and project transfer. Since 2018, the demonstration area contracted billion yuan in Beijing 74 projects with a total investment of 60 billion 387 million yuan. Until now, Beijing completed 49 projects, a total investment of 23 billion 944 million yuan, the formation of industry support to accelerate the development of the demonstration area.

The construction industry of new energy vehicles and other projects have been completed and put into operation.

Among them, the construction of new energy vehicles, Shougang heavy Lang Ze steel industrial gas biological fermentation fuel ethanol, Beijing constant group Jolimark copy materials and other projects have been completed and put into operation.

"Moved from Beijing to Caofeidian, we did not choose the wrong!" Urban construction industry (Tangshan Caofeidian) general manager of the new energy automotive technology Co., Ltd. Huang Sheng told reporters: "the process of urban construction heavy automobile project contract, project construction, etc., has been vigorously support the Caofeidian District government. All aspects of the project, business registration, planning, EIA etc. through Easy Access, each job are arrange responsible for the implementation of the Caofeidian "nanny" service, let the enterprise relocation of automatics."

Huang Sheng said that through the construction of Caofeidian project, urban construction industry in order to contribute to the capital of industrial transfer and ease of non capital function at the same time, the full enjoyment of the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei dividend, the original enterprise relies on Beijing's single market, expand the market as a whole to Tianjin, in this huge market as the basis for the national development.

In addition, the automatic driving field of high tech enterprises in Beijing science and technology limited company research and development of future Tucson unmanned cargo truck has started testing in Caofeidian, is to build an automatic truck driving test base.

Beijing Jinyu - joint development of Caofeidian demonstration Industrial Park, petroleum LNG emergency peaking station security engineering, metallurgical Ruimu new materials, Beijing xinhuayuan (Caofeidian) intelligent parking industry park, sixteen Bureau of China railway equipment manufacturing production base and a number of projects are under construction.

LNG terminal in Caofeidian port station, Beijing Exhibition Industrial Park, Beijing Jinyu group exhibition in Tiantan Home Furnishing (Caofeidian) a number of strategic innovation industry base, Beijing municipal group Caofeidian manufacturing base project signing landing.

In addition, the cooperation in the fields of education, the introduction of high-quality educational resources in Beijing, founder of Jingshan Hill school, Caofeidian to provide protection for their children to school, workers settled Caofeidian enterprises; Beijing city completed a teaching post of Caofeidian Caofeidian International, Career Technical College enrollment; Electrical Engineering School of Beijing Caofeidian, been founded; Beijing art vocational school in Caofeidian the project is to promote the essence of training base.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission integrated the relevant responsible person said, 2019 will implement a new round of Beijing and Hebei, Beijing and Hebei to promote cooperation in the industrial, medical, education and other fields, so that people become the biggest beneficiary of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development.

(commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)

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